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Ideally, property and casualty insurers would pay the fair value of valid claims without a fight, In practice, this rarely occurs. Insurers frequently balk at the prospect of paying claims or offer settlements that are far from fair. In such cases, litigation may be necessary to get the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Personal injury litigation is a complex process best undertaken by a personal injury attorney with years of experience. The personal injury lawyers of The Post Law Firm, PLLC understand the litigation process. With a reputation as seasoned and effective litigators, we work efficiently with insurance companies to obtain significant compensation for our clients.

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With the ever-increasing costs of health care, even an injury of moderate severity can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. This does not even take into account the pain and suffering an injury victim endures or the effect an injury can have on the person's life. While the law provides for compensation for all these kinds of losses, insurance companies and other responsible parties often refuse to pay fair compensation without intervention from an experienced personal injury lawyer. At The Post Law Firm, PLLC we are adept at handling a variety of personal injury matters:

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